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  • “She first hit me after 3 months. She told me that I worked too slow. My problem was that I didn’t get any break. I had been guided by MOM that I was allowed to take breaks, but my ma’am told me that there was no such rule. She told me that I was a maid, so I must follow her rules. Whenever she was upset, she would hit me and push my head against the wall and floor. She was upset that I was weak, but I was weak because she did not give me enough food.” View More

    Yuni Dwi Lestari

    Foreign Domestic Worker, AHPBS Beneficiary

  • “I don’t know whether I would win or lose the lawsuit, so I was very worried about it. Then, when I met the lawyers, I was reassured and they gave me a lot of strength. I believe the lawyers will fight the best case for me, and I could trust and rely on them. I am very grateful for them.” View More

    Su Su Mar

    An Ad Hoc Pro Bono Scheme beneficiary and foreign domestic worker who suffered a tragic injury severing four fingers on her dominant hand during illegal deployment.

  • “It was in 2012 when my husband went to jail, he is the father of my children. He did it two times, I forgave him two times. I could not forgive him the 3rd time anymore and it’s my right and my children’s right to not want to be with him anymore. That’s why I tried to fight, for my children. It was not for myself because I am not from Singapore and I can always go back home to Philippines. But I was worried about my children’s future if I leave them with him. My friend helped me find a lawyer here in Singapore Mr. Wilbur, who is [a volunteer lawyer] from Pro Bono Sg (then known as Law Society Pro Bono Services). Thanks, Sir, for helping me and my children. Because of you, I found justice for my children, so that I can be with them.” View More


    FJSS Beneficiary

Our Volunteers

  • “We don’t realise how bad things can be sometimes. I remember one of these legal aid cases that I took on; this was a lady who hasn’t been working for quite some time and was completely living off financial aid. I remember calling her and giving her updates about her case which was ongoing at the time and she was telling me that she did not have enough money for food. I think that is something we forget about, or don’t realise is happening in our country.” View More

    Rebecca Vathanasin

    Volunteer Lawyer, Pro Bono SG

  • “Pro bono work makes me more humble, in a sense that you really are in touch with the problems that people face. It takes a lot for someone to apply for legal aid. We think that it is accessible, but from the point of view of the person who wants help, it’s actually a very humbling experience. As lawyers, it is our legal and moral duty to empathise with the person who is asking for help.” View More

    Edwin Sim

    Director, Lexon Law Corporation

    Volunteer Lawyer, Pro Bono SG

  • “There can be no equal access to justice where an accused feels helpless before the courts because he cannot afford counsel. I look forward to the day where equal access to justice becomes a reality because we have all spoken up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” View More

    Pramnath Vijayakumar

    CLAS Advocate, Pro Bono SG

Our Supporters

Since 2007, Pro Bono SG has positively impacted over 132,000 people, largely thanks to the public’s generosity. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps improve access to justice for those in need. We are grateful for your support in our vision of a Singapore where everyone has access to justice.

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