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Legal Representation

Legal Representation

Do you need a lawyer to represent you in your legal matters, but cannot afford one? We can help you. You can apply directly or email us at help@probono.sg.

Apply for CLAS

Apply for FJSS

I know someone who needs legal help

Do you know someone who doesn’t qualify for CLAS and other legal aid schemes and has also exhausted all other legal avenues? If you are a lawyer or from a government agency, social service agency or other legal aid providers, you may refer beneficiaries to us by emailing us at help@probono.sg

  1. The beneficiary must not be currently represented by a lawyer;
  2. The beneficiary must not be eligible for other legal aid schemes;
  3. The beneficiary must pass our means and merits test.

Please share the following:

  1. Summary of legal issue and what the beneficiary hopes to achieve.
  2. What other avenues of legal help the beneficiary has tried and why they were unsuccessful.
  3. What are the exceptional circumstances warranting legal aid (e.g. health issues, financial circumstances, etc).


We will respond via email in 1 week and endeavour to confirm whether aid can be granted within 4-6 weeks of complete receipt of documents.

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