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Migrant Justice League Finals

Despite the existence of legal aid programmes, why might migrant workers still not be getting legal help? The top three most common responses were:
(i) lack of awareness of Pro Bono SG’s services;
(ii) a perception of lawyers as scary; and
(iii) a perception of lawyers as untrustworthy.

Thus the Migrant Justice League was organised: through the shared language of a favourite sport, we hope to take a step closer to the migrant worker community — so that migrant workers in need of legal assistance will feel more comfortable with approaching us and our partners for support, and so that members of the legal community will be better equipped with understanding and empathy to assist migrant workers in need.

Migrant Justice League 2023 
Last year’s tournament was very well received and deepened our understanding and reach into the migrant worker community. We understand from partners that migrant workers still speak with fondness and excitement about their experience last year. We hope that this year’s tournament will be an even more memorable one.

  • We are looking for:
    • People who want to adopt a migrant worker team to support
    • Sponsors of gifts for migrant workers
    • Anyone passionate about the cause


Please email us if you are interested in participating in our event!

Ceylon Sports Club
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